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Add automated round the clock video surveillance
to your operation. Reduce the burden on security
personnel. Use our software to analyze your live
video feeds and flag the events you specify.

Video Search
Make your video archives searchable. Avoid the
painstaking exercise of manually tagging them.
Use our computer vision software to perform
queries and locate events of interest in your video

Implement touch free human-machine interfaces
with our gesture recognition software. If distance
safety, or hardware constraints prevent traditional
forms of input to your devices, this could be the
solution you have been looking for.

Custom Solutions
Our software provides an API that makes it easy
to implement bespoke solutions. In addition,
several configurations ranging from embedded
systems to cloud applications are supported.

Multiple Platforms
Several cameras are supported. ARM, x86
platforms are supported. Accelerators including
Nvidia GPUs and Xilinx FPGAs are supported.
Windows, Linux, RTOS and bare metal solutions
are supported.